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Welcome to Rural Market Qld

Welcome to Rural Market Qld an easy way to find rural property for sale online.

It has always been quite frustrating and time consuming jumping between individual websites and national websites that all have different settings and search tabs – and you need to know the postcode or nearest suburb!! Just to find information about rural properties that are for sale.

Why not have one website that as a collective advertised only rural properties, that was up to date and current and you could search just the region that was relevant to you.

So far the feedback has been positive – with the constant question asked – why hasn’t someone already done this?  We wanted to create a website easy to use and understand so that all ages with or without a great deal of computer skills could navigate their way around. There are no annoying ads popping up along the sides of the page as a distraction, we don’t need any of your personal details ever and there are only 3 tabs across the top so you can’t get lost.

Just click on the region most relevant to you on the Qld map – it will then take you to all the current rural properties that are for sale within that region from our listed agents’. If you find a rural property that you may be interested in please contact the selling agent listed.

If you have loved reading the ‘property for sale’ section in the newspaper, magazines and on agent websites, then this website will soon become your favourite.  It will have current listings from various property agents throughout Queensland and if you follow on Facebook you will see when new listings are added.

Thank you to all the wonderful people involved in getting this up and running – forever grateful.

At the time of launching the website we have only listed properties for sale in Central Queensland – however North & South Queensland will come on aboard in the next couple of months.

If you are an interested rural property agent and would like to list a property for sale –
Please click here to enquire.


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